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Often times businesses chose the traditional method of buying printers, scanners and photocopiers for its various departments within or outside the organisation. And the IT departments are given the responsibility to manage and ensure these equipment function without running into any complications. The IT team together with the Procurement team (if the company has any); ensures the toners, cartridges, spare parts, maintenance and hard ware are properly managed. The teams try to manage the print fleet to match business requirement and also reduce cost to meet company budget and vice versa. At some point, managing and demands from different unit gets complicated and could end up in stream of frustrations, vexations, inconveniences and extra expenses. It is important to understand that all of those things are and can be prevented, through the use of MANAGED PRINT SERVICE.

Managed print services (MPS) uses a holistic approach, one that enables a complete service instead of the regular or traditional scanning, delivering printing and copies through a set of products. MPS involves the deployment, management and maintenance of hardware equipment outsourced by a single company (see Microkernel Technologies) who handles all the consumables and maintenancein addition, they provide support, consultation, printing options, print management solutions, print lease, data capturing, all in house printing and document management.

Irrespective of the size of your organization: banks, insurance companies, Schools,universities, a small-scalebusinesses (SMEs), non-profit (NGOs), government organization, Microkernel Technologies MPS provides you with complete printing service with options best suited to meet your business environment with access and control of your printing environment which will help business function smarter and more efficiently. Find out more... contact us