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Our Cloud-based ITSM (or IT Service Management) solutions comes with an easy to use interface, it bridges the gap between IT and end users. You do not have to worry about securing an on-premise server compulsorily.

Every time someone asks us this question, we scour the internet to find the perfect answer for someone who’s completely new to ITSM. After looking through numerous pages, we noticed that they miss the point that the visitor is likely to be new to the concept, and inadvertently resort to jargons that are hard to wrap your head around. So, we thought – “Screw it. If no one else wants to break it down, we will.”

If you are completely new to the concept of ITSM, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Microkernel Technologies, we offer vendor-neutral solutions. Our recommendations are solely based on your IT infrastructural arrangement and how you want it to be managed. We can offer ITSM-as-service or buy-off depending on your interest.


Let’s share more information with you;


IT Service Management refers to all the activities involved in designing, creating, delivering, supporting and managing the lifecycle of IT services. 

Well, of course it does, but what are IT services? Think of any piece of technology you use at your workplace – your laptop, the apps installed on it, the printer that your entire team uses, or the option to reset your password even after the first 15 times. They’re all services provided by your IT team. In other words – IT services. 

Although the most common perception of ITSM among IT users (employees) is just “IT support”, ITSM goes way beyond resolving day-to-day issues. Your IT team is responsible for end-to-end management of these services.


If your business has more than a handful of employees, and if even one of you is the designated “IT guy”, you’re already doing ITSM in a small way. But as your business grows, you might need to bring in more mature processes to get the most benefits out of your ITSM investment.

Here are the most common benefits of ITSM. Watch the video for a detailed walkthrough: 

·         Reduce IT costs

·         Improve quality of service

·         Improve customer satisfaction

·         Improve governance and reduce risk

·         Increase competitive advantage

·         Improve flexibility

·         Increase agility for new IT services